2017-2018 Officers



Jeffrey Tillery- tille099@umn.edu

jeffJeff is a Junior in Fisheries and Wildlife with an emphasis in  Wildlife. He spent this past summer in Southern Utah with  the Forest Service working with Northern Goshawks, Three-Toed Woodpeckers, and Hummingbirds. His primary interests are mammals, especially dholes, ocelots, mexican grey wolves, but his favorites are several asiatic leopard subspecies. He is excited to grow the FWCB club this year, and is hoping to establish long-term projects and studies that can be continually built on year after year.


Vice President of Wildlife

Ryan Keenan- keena166@umn.edu

Ryan KeenanRyan is a Senior in the FWCB major specializing in Wildlife. He has extensive experience traveling and working internationally. During this past summer Ryan supervised a research project to study where different types of disease-carrying ticks occur near agricultural fields in the Kingdom of Swaziland. Ryan plans to attend graduate school and eventually earn his PhD in wildlife management.



Vice President of Fisheries

Pheng Lor- lorxx440@umn.edu

phengPheng is a sophomore in FWCB with an emphasis in fisheries. He spent this past summer volunteering in Northern Minnesota sampling fish from different lakes to check the health of the lakes. His interests include fishing, aquascaping, raising fish, or anything fish related. The events he is looking forward to the most this year are electrofishing and listening to different guest speakers.




Ally Pagones- pagon004@umn.edu

allyAlly is a junior in FWCB with an emphasis in Conservation Biology and a minor in Wildlife Care and Handling. Her primary interests are mammals, especially wolves and moose, but she also has a soft spot for birds and loves plants! She is extremely passionate about environmental education and currently works with raptors in the education department of The Raptor Cener here on campus! She hopes to inspire young minds to develope a passion for and pursue conservation through educational programs at the Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center. After her winter field session with the Audubon Center of the North Woods on predatory ecology and her summer field courses at Cloquet Forestry Center and Itasca State Park, she is looking forward to getting her hands dirty in the field!




Ashley Anderson- ande9039@umn.edu

ashleyAshley is a junior in FWCB with an emphasis in wildlife. She is minoring in both Marine Biology and Wildlife Care and Handling. She spent this past summer at Como Zoo as a butterfly intern and loved it! In the future, she plans on continuing through school to receive her PhD in Wildlife Management. In her free time, she enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, and playing softball and volleyball.


Officer at Large

Blake Mitchell- mitc0414@umn.edu

blakeBlake is a senior in the FWCB major with a emphasis in wildlife and a minor in ESPM. These past two summers he has conducted waterfowl research in Manitoba, Canada thorugh Delta Waterfowl alongside a UMN graduate student and ten other wildlife technicians from all over the United States and Canada. He is currently working on a UROP project with Dr. Todd Arnold based on the photos and data his crew collected. It would be an understatement to say that he is passionate about waterfowl, and he hopes to set up a few waterfowl-related events this year (i.e. duck banding). He is also a passionate angler and hopes to set up some awesome fisheries events as well (i.e. electrofishing with Mark Hove, DNR hatchery tours).