2016-2017 FWCB Club Officers

Amanda Z.President

Amanda Z. – zakxx051@umn.edu

Amanda is a senior in FWCB with an emphasis in wildlife and a minor in Forest Resources. She spent this past summer in Itasca State Park trapping, radio-collaring, and tracking flying squirrels for a UROP. She hopes to eventually work in wildlife management for a state or federal agency, but before then is looking to gain more experience by working field jobs on a variety of species in places she's never been.The events she is looking forward to most this year are electrofishing, ice fishing, and the Minnesota Wildlife Society meeting and quiz bowl. 



Ryan Keenan   Vice President – Wildlife

     Ryan K. – keena166@umn.edu

   Ryan Keenan is a junior year student studying Fisheries and Wildlife  Biology at the University of Minnesota. This is Ryan's second year as Vice  President of Wildlife. He possesses diverse interests in both fish and wildlife. This past summer Ryan surveyed owl species in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range of northern California.



BlakeVice President – Fisheries

Blake M. – mitc0414@umn.edu

Blake a junior in the FWCB major with an emphasis in wildlife biology. This past summer he conducted some waterfowl research in Manitoba, Canada through Delta Waterfowl alongside a UMN graduate student and ten other wildlife technicians from all over the United States. He is currently in the process of designing a UROP/directed study for this spring semester with Dr. Todd Arnold, which will be based on the data he collected over the summer. It would be an understatement to say that Blake is passionate about waterfowl, and he hopes to set up a few waterfowl-related events this year. As VP of fisheries and a passionate angler, Blake plans to set up some awesome fisheries events as well.




Devon D. – domin213@umn.edu

Devon is a junior in Animal Science with a minor in Fisheries and Wildlife. Over the summer, she interned at a wildlife hospital in Florida where she cared for a variety of animals. Her interests include birds of prey and other carnivours. She is open to doing anything involving animals in her future, from rehabilitation, husbandry, and education. For the time being, Devon is happy to take the best of notes for the club and is excited to have another great year.



Emily D. – diekm018@umn.edu

Emily is a junior in Nutrition with a minor in Fisheries and Wildlife. Over the Summer, she worked at the Minneapolis Farmers Market and the Bee Squad. Her interests include making smoothies, talking about alpacas and her plants. Emily is looking forward to bear den moinotoring and hiking.





EmmaOfficer At Large

Emma is a Junior studying Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology with an emphasis on Wildlife with a minor in Marine Biology. She is currently a Marine Animal Intern at the Como Zoo Park and Conservatory. Emma hopes to become a wildlife biologist and work with animals in their natural habitat.